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..Videointercome IP on iOS, Android, Windows (SIP,ModBus,ONVIF, PoE) – 1.3MP – 8GB





Main features and functions:

• Built-in 8GB MicroSD card
• No videomonitor is required for work (just a laptop, tablet or phone)
• 1.3MP next-generation SONY Exmor sensor
• Three relay outputs (e.g. gate, gate, light)
• Night-friendly, built-in new generation IR LED
• Real-time remote access to the door station (free apps)

Possibility of integration with external access point for wireless operation
• Control of the door station using a computer and mobile devices
• Operating temperature from -40°С to + 50°С
• Wide Range Digital Dynamic Range (DWDR)
• Integration with a regular doorbell
• 2D / 3DNR noise reduction
• Registration of visitors for traffic or continuous

Saving recordings to a hard disk or FTP server
• Sending photos of visitors to email
• PoE (active) or standard 12VDC power supply
• Small dimensions (WxHxD): 93 x 168 x 10mm
• Face recognition function
• Several users can be connected to one door station
• One user can operate several door stations
• Built-in integration protocols: SIP, MODBUS, ONVIF






G06MP is the successor of the S06MP door phone in an exclusive housing made of anodized aluminum and glass. The G06MP door station allows you to create an IP video-intercom system based on a standard local network without additional devices. All you have to do is install the SAFE software on your computer, laptop or smartphone. No need to install internal panels. Thanks to the software, G06MP is a very convenient access control device with real-time remote reception.

High-quality audio-communication:
The G06MP door station has a built-in speaker and microphone.

The feedback between the microphone and the speaker is significantly reduced by special echo reduction methods. As a result, the voice is heard clearly and well recognized.

SIP: IP-based network integration
G06MP video intercom with SIP support gives users new possibilities.Thanks to the common protocol, the SIP video intercom can connect to devices from other manufacturers (SIP intercoms, IP phones, IP videophones, SIP monitors, SIP programs, SIP mobile clients, etc.). The IP system can be operated via IP-PBX, or communicate with another SIP device directly. G06MP allows you to answer a video call and open the door (DTMF tone dial) via mobile phone or landline. The use of SIP STUN technology allows you to connect a video intercom via the Internet without using a fixed IP address. By G06MP, you can connect two SIP accounts at the same time and prevent external failures.Enhanced functionality and intrusion protection
The NC311P controller, which is part of the G06MP equipment, allows you to control up to 3 devices, such as: opening doors, gates, barriers, turning on/off the light, controlling the alarm, etc. So, in the course of a conversation, you can, for example: start additional lighting, and then open the door lock.The G06MP IP video intercom is connected to the NC311P controller using the encrypted 1-wire protocol. Opening the door occurs only in the case of positive verification of the secret code. The thief will not be able to manage the input, even if he gains physical access to the video intercom wires and uses the Brute Force method. Ideal for facilities that need strict protection, e.g. laboratories, military units, prison.

Modbus protocol: Integration with ID systems
The video intercom has a built-in network communication protocol Modbus, which is one of the most popular standards in industrial automation. It is relatively inexpensive, simple and universal, both in the implementation phase and subsequent operation. Modbus is also becoming more and more common in the home automation of smart buildings, which is why the built-in video intercom increases integration possibilities.

Night work:
Built-in modern IR backlighting, ensures excellent functioning of the door station in low light or at night. The third generation led with high power has greater stability than ordinary diodes.High video quality:
In addition to high resolution and sensitivity, the SONY DSP Effio-E image module provides rear light compensation function. Technologies such as 2D / 3DNR (noise reduction) and DWDR (Digital Wide Dynamic Range) can provide high-quality video even in difficult lighting conditions.

Exclusive housing:
The G06MP enclosure is a design designed even for the most demanding users. The video intercom is in a flush-mounted version and the set includes an installation box and elements calibrating the device during assembly.

A special mounting system with secured screws and a patented handle allow you to protect the device against theft and increases the aesthetics of the assembly, from the front part of the video intercom the screws are invisible. Due to the wide temperature range from -40 to + 50 ° C, the door station can be installed inside and outside the facility.
Simple operation:
The door station can be controlled from any computer (or laptop), regardless of its location. What’s more, several door stations can be controlled from one computer.

G06MP door stations can also be used as standard IP cameras. This function provides video and audio recording, either continuously or when the “Call” button is pressed, and for motion detection. Support for popular network protocols expands the application area of G06MP.

ONVIF Protocol:
The Safe IP video intercom works with most NVRs and Hybrid DVRs available on the Polish market.

Modbus protocol:
G06MP has a built-in MODBUS TCP Slave protocol, which expands the integration possibilities in ID systems.