Steel and PVC Coated Posts for Chain Link Fence

Not everyone knows that there is a big difference between standard steel and PVC coated posts. The robust layer of plastic on the PVC coated posts will protect the metal wire mesh fence from elements, rust and damage, especially with the addition of the post cap. Coated posts are much easier to work with, last longer, and most importantly, they make the chain link fencing more appealing and simply nicer. In addition, they are available in different colours so you can mix and match them with the rest of your wire mesh fence depending on the colour preference and the specification of the project.

It is worth to know that:

Painted fence posts are dramatically different to the PVC coated ones and are still more vulnerable to elements or damage. Concrete fencing posts will become dull, dark and start deteriorating after a year time, which can inflict additional costs. Steel posts without caps will rust through much faster.

We supply the standard wire mesh fence posts, as well as the corner posts, to improve the strength and stability of the project. Corner chain link fence posts come with stabilizers to further improve the quality of the fence and are simply better looking alternative to the square fence post version. Our posts can be equipped with dual cap ends, which stop the water from getting into the post and speeding up the rusting process.

What’s most important, is that our chain link fence posts come in variety of sizes, diameters and colours or PVC coating to best suit your needs.

Chain link fence made to order up to 16 foot Height

  • mesh sizes available 60 mm , 50 mm x 40 mm x 30 mm

The PVC coated chain link facing is the next level solution to making wire mesh fences withstand the harsh weather conditions while looking great and professional. We supply a variety of colours, link sizes and wire diameters along with the complete fence kits for your own build. Alternatively, our skilled team is happy to assist you while raising your fence.

Complete chain link fences with posts

Combinations of the PVC coated posts and chain link fences not only stay rust free for much longer compared to the standard steel fencing, but also can be arranged into truly elegant compositions. They will still look good without losing their protective attributes and strength.

Using PVC coated posts and wire mesh fencing is recommended when working on the projects that must be functional and look good at the same time, Industrial units or large scale construction projects – especially in the urban areas.

Mix and match

Enjoy the wide range of chain link fencing, posts, tensioner wires and accessories. All our products come in variety of colours and sizes and we are even happy to serve the bespoke projects to meet your needs.

Enjoy an elegant, great looking and robust wire mesh fences for years without needing to worry about maintenance. Our clients often choose a single colour PVC coated fence for the best visual results; however, we encourage you to experiment and choose any of the elements to your liking.

If you need any assistance, quote or just have general question, please don’t hesitate to contact our team and we will get back to you in no time. We look forward to hearing from you!