Functional and creative spatial planning

When coming up with the ideas to arrange the living space, whether it is your house or your garden, the key to achieving the astonishing effects is choosing both functional and creative solutions. If you seek inspiration, browse through the newest trends that you can find in the magazines, the Internet or the offers put up by the companies in the field, such as ours.

One of the aspects you will have to focus on is the space around the house. It should complement the building’s design while staying practical. You will face the issue of picking the best home gates and fences. Choose the most competent manufacturer and service provider (such as Lewandowski Ltd.) to be fully satisfied with the effects. In this article we present you with some ideas for home gates, which will undeniably improve your living area.

Sliding gate for your home

One of the most convenient solutions are sliding gates, which are convenient and suitable not only for spacious areas, but also the smaller parcels. This is the best kind of fencing for you if you value simplicity, modern design, and something easy to use daily. On the market you can find a wide selection of those, in many different designs, colours and sizes. Therefore, surely it will not be a challenging task to shop for the one suiting your needs best.

See double-leaf gates and wickets

If your home is surrounded by larger space, we recommend installing a double-leaf system along with a stylish wicket. Not only will it allow you to enter the property in larger vehicles and more comfortably, but also may serve as an eye-catching decorative addition to your yard’s composition. It is characterised by bigger size, so it is possible to embellish it elegantly. Moreover, to make it more unique and fashionable, the manufacturer can use extraordinarily-looking, fashionable materials, such as wood. The double-leaf solution folds automatically, just like the sliding one, making it an innovative, convenient system as well.

Check the whole offer

We highly encourage you to get to know our whole offer to get inspired and pick the system answering your needs best. You will find here many other home-destined recommendations – should you have any questions, feel free to contact us in order to receive professional advice.


Wide offer – check it out

As an experienced fencing system distributor aiming to reach many different clients, we introduce to our offer a number of constructions. They are designed not only for private properties, but also especially for the commercial ones. Picking one of the products we distribute you choose the best quality, excellent craftsmanship, friendly customer service, and prices adequate to the product value. Best customer experience guaranteed – we will also provide aid in selecting the best type of industry fence for you.

Functional solutions

Here in this category you will find a number of systems, which serve as an effective protection for your property and create a shield from the intruders’ eyes. They are available in various heights and models, so surely we will provide you with what you need. They are made from robust materials, which last for a long time in any outdoor area. Moreover, they fit perfectly to the modern design of industrial buildings and any commercial estates. Therefore, they are the ideal solutions for various manufactures, big offices, logistics centers, or even airports.

Our industry fence design

For us crucial are not only the products’ functionality and quality, but also the aesthetic value they hold. In the portfolio you will find some examples of the modern, and simple yet elegant design we strive for. Sleek, straight lines, geometrical shapes combined with stylish colors and easy-to-use mechanisms create the perfect fencing systems for industrial properties. You can be assured that it will help build a professional image of your company or any other place in the eyes of the visitors; this is significant especially if your customers are welcomed there. The industry fences we distribute come in a few types, for instance the sliding one or in the form of a double-leaf gate.

We invite you to check our portfolio, get inspired to choose one of our products and contact us in order to receive some details. Together we will come up with the best solution for you – no matter if you are interested in the gates or a sliding mechanism!

Garage Doors

When designing a house, every little detail may have an impact on the final result. This is why it is worth to make sure that all of the chosen windows and doors are matching, in order to create a harmonious and striking impression. Therefore, those which guard your garage should also be picked carefully. Apart from being suited to your house’s appearance, they also should be also functional and durable. We are here to provide you with useful information on how to pick the perfect garage doors and we also deliver the best solutions. In our offer you can find a wide range of products, in many measurement options – you can place an order right now.

The garage door design

Usually, it should be quite simple, and not too eye-catching. It looks best when all the elements of the building are matching, and create a balanced composition. Modern designs, which you can find in our offer, are usually quite minimalistic and sleek. Thanks to that they suit every modern building perfectly.

Many people decide to select garage doors in a matching colour to the house’s elevation. This creates an illusion that the building looks much bigger than it really is. However, if you wish to enforce the colour scheme of your house, pick a model which suits the windows or the roof. By doing so, you can easily introduce a breath of fresh air into your house’s exterior.

Protecting your property

Do not forget about the garage doors’ main function, which is protecting your property and belongings. Your car will be safe if you select a durable, corrosion-proof, and low-maintenance product. Once installed, it should serve you for many years, and the one ordered from Lewandowski Ltd. surely will! They are equipped with special protection systems for mechanical elements, flexible panel joints covers and solid rollers with bearings. Our solutions are modern, stylish, and most importantly – reliable. Choose the automatic roller ones, up and over, or sectional, and enjoy the easy access to your entrance along with the infallible protection from any intruders.

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